Oh Monday, such a bastard.  Alright, I love my job but I don't think that any of us enjoy getting up on Monday morning, no matter how much you love your gig.

Top 5 songs about that four letter word WORK.  What would yours have been?

  • 1

    Rush - Working Man

    The song's guitar solo was voted 94th in Guitar World magazine's list of the 100 greatest guitar ...

  • 2

    Workin - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    No matter how cool your gig is, it's still work sometimes.

  • 3

    Drive By Truckers - This Fu..... Job

    I don't know if your a Drive By Truckers fan or not but the lyrics to this one are great.

  • 4

    Bob Dylan - Maggie's Farm

    You had to know this was going to make my list.  Can't go wrong with Bob.

  • 5

    Chuck Berry - Let It Rock

    Let It Rock is a song by Chuck Berry from his 1960 album Rockin' at the Hops.

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