Ut oh, some “bunny” is in trouble. Sorry, it was too easy NOT make that awful joke.

A man in Danville, Virginia, who dressed up as the Easter Bunny this past weekend was arrested for possession of “illegal prescription narcotics.” To be fair, he wasn’t on the job when he was caught, but he was in costume – and people complained the Easter Bunny was “acting suspicious.” Not sure how a grown man in a bunny suit can act “normal” but let’s just read on.

Police arrested 24-year-old Joshua Lee Bolling after businesses at the Piedmont Mall and mall security observed the bunny’s behavior and noticed Bolling act weird during his breaks, but not during his contact with children. The security then tailed (BUNNY PUN!) Bolling, eventually catching him with pills without a prescription. When the police were called, they escorted the ‘Easter Bunny’ away from the scene so that he would not be arrested in front of the children. That’s thoughtful of the police.

Easter Bunny’s don’t need to do drugs. Some of the candies they deliver are just like crack anyway. Ever come down off a peep high? Not pretty.

[Via KTLA News]

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