I've been trying to tidy up some dusty old shelves and cubby holes around the Hawk Studio lately. Today, I discovered this dinosaur! One of the original Motorola flip phones. Oh, I'm sorry. I meant "Digital Personal Communicator":

Credit: Michael Foth TSM
Credit: Michael Foth TSM

Stumbling upon this old school phone was a trip down memory lane. I remember having a phone exactly like it and thinking it was pretty darn awesome. The battery was dead, so I couldn't turn it on and I haven't been able to find a charger. Remember what a pain in the butt it was when every single phone had a different kind of charger plug? Oh, the frustration.

Not sure what I was expecting to find if I could power it up. The only thing you could do with this bad boy was make a call.  No texting. No pics. No games. Just talking (remember to pull the antenna up first). Comparing the dimension to today's phones, it's actually a little smaller than my modern smartphone. A little bit heavier and substantially thicker. Big, giant, removable battery on the back.

Curious to see if it was worth anything, I found one listed on ebay for $50 some bucks + $6 shipping. Maybe I won't throw the old brick away.

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