Good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good was a saying of Norman (Sailor Jerry) Collins, a prominent tattoo artist who died in 1973. Norman was famous for tattooing sailors. His influence on the art of modern tattooing is undeniable.

But what I'm gettin' at is nowadays no one wants to pay for what they get. Your boss don't wanna give you a raise; they don't want to pay new people what they're worth. Just get them as cheap as they can and then run them into the ground.

It's the same with a TV, a pair of jeans or a new stereo. Make it cheap, sell it cheap, when it dies throw it away and buy another new cheap one that won't last.

When my dad was a young man he got a job working for the railroad. He was able to retire and since he has passed, they are still taking care of my mom. Those days are gone for most. Now you have to depend on a 401K program that most employers won't even contribute to.

If you got lots of money I guess you will be OK. You probably own the company and won't need a retirement. While the rest of us just get abused a little bit more. Which brings me back to GOOD WORK AIN'T CHEAP, CHEAP WORK AIN'T GOOD!!!

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