My wife and I cheated and went out for our Valentine's dinner last week. Less crowds and something a little different. I still did the flowers today. Here are a few Valentine's facts for you:

  • There's a reason the Rose Bowl is in California. The Golden State produces approximately 60% of the roses grown in the United States.The majority of flowers purchased here for Valentine's Day, however, are grown in South America.
  • What year were conversation hearts - candy hearts with messages on them - first created? 1866. A man named Daniel Chase invented a machine that could use food dye to print the messages on candy made by his brother's company, Necco.
  • How much money will Americans spend on cards Valentine's Day? The Greeting Card Association (GCA) expects people to spend $1.029 billion buying approximately 145 million cards this year, the same amount as last year.
  • The chocolate industry is based on four holidays: Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Which season is the biggest for chocolate sales? Christmas. Feb. 13 and 14 are the largest individual days but the Christmas season lasts longer than Valentine's season, meaning more sales.

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