This summer I've taken on the brave goal of reviewing some of the latest and greatest flavored beers, sodas, seltzers and coolers that have been flooding the market the past couple of years. Booze makers seem to be throwing out random concoctions left and right, hoping for something that consumers will love, as I noted in a previous blog.

Thanks in part to a massive advertising budget, I've been interested in trying the latest invention from Bud Light, the Lemon Tea, for a while now. Last night I purchased a 6-pack and let in chill in the fridge to achieve maximum coldness. I'm trying to replicate the temperate you are drinking these beverages while on the lake... ideally ice cold from the cooler. Sure, I'll drink a warm beer if that's all ya' got, but coldies are the best.

First beer, the initial thought was, "huh, this is interesting."It's not quite a Twisted Tea, and it's definitely not a beer in my opinion. I chugged it down and moved to beer number #2. By the end of beer #2, I started to notice more the malt-liquor-type flavor that I always seem to notice on Twisted Teas.  Not overpowering, but to me kind of unpleasant.

I thought it was interesting that the labeling on this beverage is proud that the alcohol in this drink is made with "pure cane sugar." Nice...if you're avoiding corn syrup? Anyway, I proceeded to drink down beer #3 and #4.

I tapped out at the end of beer #4.  While the Bud Light Lemon Teas tastes somewhat similar to a lemon ice tea, in the end, it's like this beverage is not sure what it wants to be. A tea? A beer? A poor combination of both?  If you generally like Twisted Teas, stick with Twisted Teas. I'll give this one 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

In my next review, I'll be sampling one of the many seltzers that are on the market, for those of you watching carbs and calories. They are really filling a niche.  Are they any good? Stay tuned.


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