It’s the first week of January and your favorite NFL team has already hit the golf course. Another year, another high draft pick.

This coming weekend of NFL playoff action got us thinking about something much more important than the game on the gridiron — the ladies on the sideline. Just which NFL cheerleading squad should get the most attention from fans? We decided to set up our own tournament to crown the hottest NFL cheerleading squad.

All this month, we’re running our own playoffs with the ladies of the NFL sidelines. Round 1 will be a killer as division rivals (in most cases since not every team has cheerleaders) square off.

Which NFL team has the hottest cheerleaders? We will let the fans decide.

[Click on the team name to visit a photo gallery devoted to each squad.]


Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders vs. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders


New England Patriots Cheerleaders vs. New York Jets Cheerleaders


Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders vs. Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders vs. Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders vs. Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders vs. Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders vs. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders vs. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders vs. Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders


Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders vs. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders vs. Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders