Is Little Caesars great pizza? No. Are there at least a dozen better options in Billings for good pizza? Yes. Is Little Caesars tolerable for kids birthday parties, soccer games or when you are broke but need a cheap pizza? Yes. I had one of their "Extramostbestest" pepperoni pizzas a while back and it was honestly not bad, but Yelp reviews are generally not positive. I understand that maybe expectations are too high for a pizza that costs less than a combo meal at McDonald's, but still.

When I saw that Little Caesars was trending today on Twitter, I had to see why. It appears that the emperor of cheap, mediocre (at best) pizza is giving away a cardboard chair. O..M...G... the irony is strong.

The chair does look kind of fun. I'm sure whoever wins it will have to assemble the cardboard origami into a functional seat. Plus, the social media attention is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not a bad return on investment for a $20 cardboard chair. Props to Little Caesars for that.

If you would like to win some pizza that is actually worth eating, enter our Free Pizza Friday contest with MacKenzie River Pizza HERE. We'll pick another winner on Thursday afternoon and if you win, you'll get pizza for up to 20 delivered to your office or job site on Friday. Piled high with fresh ingredients and made with love we promise MacKenzie River doesn't taste like cardboard.

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