Last year, I was looking at a potential new place to live out in the Blue Creek area. I loved it. Classic farmhouse style structure with plenty of out buildings on a great piece of property. Everything was going great until the lady showing me the house told me that there was no internet or cell service available in the area. I remember thinking to myself that she was likely mistaken. I'm only a few miles from Sam's Club, there has to be something available.

When I got home and started looking for internet providers, I found out she was essentially correct. The one satellite option had horrible reviews and wouldn't work for me even on its best day. The cost and level of reliability just wouldn't cut it. At that point I realized that I was somewhat tethered to more urban areas, which is not where I ultimately want to be.

For those who live in the rural areas, there are programs working to bridge that gap, but things are moving pretty slowly. The Connect America Fund is the FCC's plan to get the 0's and 1's flowing to those in smaller communities.

Personally, I need high speed internet to do my job, so moving to one of Montana's beautiful rural areas or small towns simply isn't an option if broadband isn't available.

Do you live in a place where there is no high speed internet available? Are you okay with that? Would the lack of internet or cell service stop you from purchasing a particular home?

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