So, what are these?  Strange fish on Lake Elmo?  Scat from Jack-a-lope?  Nope, these are the dreaded helicopter leaves from trees in your neighborhood.  They are the ones that "spin" like a helicopter blade. I put a new roof and gutters on this fall, and I knew I would see them.  In fact, I expected them.  Now that the weather has been warm after some cold, I thought they would be gone.  I just noticed today that they are falling down through my new drain spouts with the melting ice and snow.  I thought it was time to go talk to my neighbor and discuss cutting the tree down.  As I was walking next door to visit with him yesterday, I noticed that that damn tree is mine! Guess I will shut my mouth, get a leaf blower out, climb up a ladder and blow out my gutters.  Man, I love that tree!

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