These days, it seems like every legendary classic rock band is re-releasing their classic albums on vinyl.  And people are buying them, too.  In 2014, sales of vinyl albums rebounded to their highest level in decades.  However, according to a recent Rolling Stone article, some major record label executives aren't banking on the vinyl boom to continue.

Of course, the record companies have been wrong before.  They were shamefully behind the digital curve and have struggled to survive in a changing marketplace.   Sales of compact disks have steadily declined for years and now digital download sales are starting to slow as audiences move to online music streaming services.

Which leaves the labels with an interesting predicament.  Should they invest more resources into marketing and production of vinyl albums?  Or is the niche market of hipsters, DJ's, collectors and nostalgic middle aged rockers too small to sustain long term growth in vinyl sales?

Time will tell whether or not the recent resurgence in vinyl is here to stay or just another passing fad.  One thing's for sure, don't expect to see 8 tracks making a comeback anytime soon.