What City Do Most Montana Residents Wish They Could Relocate To?

Plenty of people are perfectly happy sticking with what they know, and staying in a place they were born.

Others, however, have a yearning to experience different places and even take a big leap by moving to a new place.

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I have moved around a fair bit in my life, first right out of high school I ventured off to college.

After a few years there I moved out of state to attend a different school, and after graduating from there I moved out to Montana.

It's not a lot of moving around, but enough to have seen different parts of America and experience different cultures and people, and I feel I'm better for it as well.

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Montana Is Not Alone In Wanting To Move To This City

The website Remitly noticed that during the pandemic there was an uptick in searches for moving tips, so they dug into the data to find where people where wanting to move to the most.

New York City was tied for the most popular city with 12 states having that as their most popular city they'd like to relocate to, but not Montana.

Nope, we along with 11 other states, decided it was a west coast city where we'd like to relocate to the most.


Portland, Oregon Is The Destination Most Montana Would Choose

I have lost count of the amount of people that I know that have lived at one point or another in Portland.

It has always seemed to be a bit of a popular destination for Montana youth as well.

According to Remitly if we could move anywhere out of county, we'd most like to move to Dubai.

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