Every so often in my daily life, I come across little tech "annoyances"... and one such annoyance, which stirred me up enough to write on it... is the SLASH. We've used it in our daily lives for 20+ years, to visit Google... Social Media sites... and even our own Townsquare websites.

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Forward Slash VS Backslash

First off, to make sure we are clear on this...

We use a Forward Slash for web URLs. If you hear us read it on the radio, we'll either say "Forward Slash" or "Slash".

That slash, / , is the one you will see in the URL at the top of this article. And on every web URL you visit.

For Backslash, you generally won't see this out in the "wild" of the web. Though, when browsing your computer, if you show the "URL" of your files on Windows... you'll see the Backslash make an appearance.

What does it matter?

It doesn't really matter in this era of the internet. If you type in a URL and use the backslash, most modern web servers recognize you have used the wrong one, and will flip them for you auto-magically.

If you code for a living... or deal with a LOT of files on the daily... you already know to use a backslash rather than a forward slash. Or, at least, I hope you do... or that you aren't a rocket scientist.

But, knowing which is correct is a good thing to have! And, it's easy. Forward slash... leans forward... backslash... leans backward.

Got it? Good. :)

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