The CDC is warning consumers in Montana and across the country about a Salmonella outbreak tied to food sold at Costco and Sam's Club stores.

Years ago, I was the unfortunate consumer of a product that was eventually recalled but not before I came down with Salmonella poisoning. I tracked my horrible symptoms (vomiting, fever) to a peanut butter Clif Bar I had bought. I still had the box the bar came in and there was one bar left. When I heard about the recall, I discovered the lot code was the same as the one the CDC recalled.

CDC Map of Salmonella Outbreak

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Product Sold at Costco, Sam's Club

The CDC posted an update on January 18, 2024, about an outbreak they first posted about on January 5, 2024. They indicate that there have been Salmonella-related illnesses in 22 states and 47 illnesses in total. While there has yet to be an illness documented in Montana, there are still warnings for consumers and retailers.

Food Safety Alert Charcuterie Sampler

The product: 

Charcuteriie Samplers sold at Costco and Sam's Club with any lot code have been identified as contaminated and an investigation is ongoing.

Sam's Club: Busseto brand Charcuterie Sampler, prosciutto, sweet soppressata, dry coppa

Costco: Fratelli Beretta brand Antipasto Gran Beretta, black pepper coated dry salami, Italian dry salami, dry coppa, prosciutto

For Consumers

People are advised not to eat the products. Throw them away and wash down places where the products may have been.

For Retailers

Businesses have been advised to stop selling the product during the investigation.

Please keep in mind that just because there aren't documented cases in Montana right now, there still could be. From the CDC:

Recent illnesses may not yet be reported as it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to determine if a sick person is part of an outbreak. The true number of sick people in this outbreak is also likely much higher than the number reported. This is because many people recover without medical care and are not tested for Salmonella.

Again, if you have the product do not eat it and throw it out. Then clean surfaces that came in contact with it.

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