Which was the better Van Halen era - with David Lee Roth or with Sammy Hagar? Both eras brought the band plenty of success, yet the fanbase often remains divided on the topic and it remains a popular subject of debate.

For this week's Chuck's Fight Club on Loudwire Nights, host Chuck Armstrong will dive into the long-raging battle with listeners, serving up an argument for both sides of the Van Halen coin while revisiting some of the band's best works featuring each musician throughout the week.

The initial Roth era featured six albums, including their self-titled 1978 breakout album and perhaps their most commercially successful record, 1984. Roth would later appear on a seventh studio album, the band's final release, A Different Kind of Truth.

As for Hagar, he fronted the band through four studio albums, kicking off with the hugely successful 5150 in 1986 and concluding his run with 1995's Balance.

Both artists will be featured in introducing the debate tonight at 8PM on Loudwire Nights. Hagar will be in the spotlight for Tuesday's Loudwire Nights show at 8PM, while Roth takes center stage at 8PM on Wednesday's show. Then, on Friday's show at 8PM, the winner of this battle voted on by the listeners will be revealed.

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Just be sure to get your votes in before the 7PM start of Friday's Loudwire Nights broadcast to ensure your voice in heard. Then check in Friday night to see which Van Halen era the listeners voted the best.

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