Here's a Little Trivia on Movies with Courtroom Scenes

Lawyers are like doctors, dentists and mechanics: when you need them, oh boy howdy do you need them.  TV has served doctors well for years.  And what compelling stories revolve around dentists and mechanics?  The legal profession provides great drama.  How many of these films are you familiar with?  And which of these would you like to see?  Answers farther below.

1. In what drama did a colonel snap "You can't handle the truth!"

2. It's Dustin Hoffman vs. Meryl Streep in a custody battle in what 1979 single dad film?

3. What 2011 film starring Matthew McConnaughey has his car with a California license plate NTGUILTY?

4. In the 1997 film Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey, a lawyer loses the ability to fib. What causes this compelled truth?

5. What 1993 legal drama based on a John Grisham novel and starring Tom Cruise includes this message in the credits? "The producers wish to thank the Cayman Islands Government...for their cooperation in the making of this film and acknowledge that the Cayman Islands have strict antidrug and money laundering laws which are rigorously enforced."

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6. What classic Christmas film includes a court hearing that could have been titled City of New York v Kris Kringle?

7. Fill in the Blank with a European city. Spencer Tracy stars as the judge in a trial of four German judges accused of Nazi war crimes, in the 1961 film Judgement at _______.

8. She recently plays Aunt May to Spider-man. Who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the car-knowledgeable girlfriend to My Cousin Vinny?

9. Your choices are A,T,F. The 2003 film Runaway Jury involves a lawsuit over what? Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms?

10. Henry Fonda played the one holdout juror in a murder trial in what 1957 film, based on a 1954 teleplay by Reginald Rose?

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the Answers

1.  A Few Good Men

2.  Kramer vs. Kramer

3.  The Lincoln Lawyer

4.  A Birthday wish from his son.

5.  The Firm

6.  Miracle on 34th Street

7.  Nuremberg

8.  Marisa Tomei

9.  Firearms.

10.  12 Angry Men

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