I can't think of a guy who hasn't dreamed of having a flying suit, a jetpack, or in this case, a jet-powered hoverboard. It's the stuff of childhood comic book dreams and the reality of possibly owning one of these bad boys in the next few years seems to be coming true.

Frenchman Frank Zapata has been tweaking his prototype since 2016. It features five jet-powered turbine engines, a backpack full of fuel and a handheld controller that manipulates launch, thrust and acceleration. The dude uses his body to control motion once things get rolling.  Like snowboarding on air.

This ridiculously cool toy tops out at 110 MPH (!!!) and has a range of only about 10 minutes. The inventor made history the other day by becoming the first person to cross the English Channel on a hoverboard. He had to stop half-way across the channel and land on a boat to refuel.

Here's the YouTube link to watch the craft in action. Turn your speakers up.  This thing is straight out of science fiction, and is pretty freakin' awesome. I need one.

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