The hashtag #uknowuhungrywhen is currently trending on Twitter. The guy in this story was so hungry he didn’t have time to pay for, or even cook, his food.

The Sentinel explains how a Pennsylvania man faces felony charges for eating raw meat off the shelves of the local Walmart.

An employee saw Scott T. Shover, 53, “opening packages of raw ground beef and raw stew beef in the store and eating it.” Shover then placed the opened packages back on the shelf and never paid for them. Police were alerted and Shover “was arrested at Taser point without any further issues.”

Had Shover put up a fight, and the Taser been used, that raw meat would have been cooked in no time. How do you like your burger; over propane, charcoal or cooked internally by 50,000 volts?

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