A New York man was willing to go to incredible lengths just to kill his ex-girlfriend. For his murder plot to work all he had to do was kill, skin and wear the skin of a bear. ABC News has all the “grizzly” details.

Clyde Gardner’s girlfriend had tossed him on the street again. He wanted revenge so he planned to “wear the bear hide and claws to attack his ex-girlfriend and kill her, leaving no trace of his foot or fingerprints at the scene of the crime.”

Gardner changed his mind and decided to hire a hit man instead. Even that plan was ridiculously elaborate.

According to prosecutors in Franklin County, Malone gave his friend $500 toward a $15,000 payment for crashing into Malone in a car wreck, hopefully killing her on impact. If she survived, he allegedly instructed his friend to take a shard of glass and cut her throat, the AP reported.

The AP reported that Gardner was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison. Let’s hope he spends that time applying for a writing position on CSI: New York. He has quite the imagination for absurd murder plots.

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