The crew at is back with a new data survey that ranked the stress levels of people in every state. They used a combination of criteria, including work related stress, money related stress, family related stress and health and safety related stress. Montana fared surprisingly well, coming in at 9th least-stressed. Nice.

Source: WalletHub

The five least-stressful places to live are North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Utah and South Dakota. The most stressed-out people reside in Nevada, followed by Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia and Mississippi according to the survey.

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An interesting tidbit revealed that Montanans get a lot of rest. We made the top 5 for Most Average Hours of Sleep Per Night.  Montana also made the top 5 for Job Security and Credit Score. Certainly factors that can lower your stress level. You can read the full survey HERE.

We have some additional theories why we're less stressed than other places.

  1. The great outdoors. It's tough to be stressed when you're sitting on a riverbank, hiking a mountain trail, lounging in a boat or pulling into a campground for the weekend.
  2. We're isolated. When a large part of the country was experiencing riots and protests last year, around here it was mostly business-as-usual.
  3. Low population density. Just driving through a big city can be stressful, with eight lanes of traffic speeding by and people stacked on top of each other. Not so much in Montana. Drive 30 minutes from any town and you'll find all the wide-open space you can handle.
  4. Great beer. The Missoula Current reported Montana ranked 2nd in the nation for most breweries per capita.
  5. Good people. The world is full of jerks. Thankfully, it seems like we have less of them in Montana.

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