We know some of you will call us strong, independent mavericks. Others will call us knuckleheads.

Whatever side you're on is fine with us. We were just really surprised that banning vaccine requirements is already down to only one. But prepare for pushback, Montana.

As the Associated Press reminds us, large companies across the country have announced that COVID-19 vaccines will be required for their employees to return to work in-person. But, there is one state where such requirements are banned.

But, the Montana Legislature passed a new law earlier this year that says requiring vaccines as a condition for employment is deemed “discrimination” and a violation of the state’s human rights laws. That is raising more concern among employers across the state as Montana, just like many other parts of the country, are dealing with rises in COVID-19 cases. And that is once again putting more pressure on the state's the health care workers.

To add to the pushback against Montana's law, state medical leaders are asking residents to take actions to prevent the spread and help avoid the impacts on health care systems and schools. The president of the Montana Medical Association is urging people to get vaccinated and wear masks indoors. What else would you expect leaders of the medical profession to say? Certainly nothing new there, but the arrival of the delta variant is increasing their sense of urgency.

In June, an average of 50 new cases of COVID-19 were reported per day and 54 people were hospitalized. Now, the case average is 341 and 200 people are hospitalized.

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