I was out for drive the other day to a small piece of property I owned and just sold.  The cows are out grazing and of course the calves are starting to figure out life.  When you drive by the mature cows, they just stare at you, wondering what your doing in their space.  The calves of the other hand, start running away like my pickup is the scariest thing they've ever seen.  In a year they'll get the hang of it.  That attitude that the mature cows have.  I've often wondered what a boring life cows have.  Take a dog for instance, they run, they fetch, they play, they will go for a walk with you.  Cat's chase laser lights, play with string and purr.  But, a cow just eats...that's it!  A cow just eats.  At about 10 in the morning if you drive by cows, many will be lying down in the pasture, resting until it's time to.....eat again.  The mature cows have this routine down so well, half the time they won't look up at you to get out of the way of your vehicle.  Which is why everyone at some point in their life has rolled down the window and yelled, "MOOOOOOOVE!"

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