Sometimes going to a fine dining establishment can make your food taste like it's the best in the world.

Cheapism via MSN came out with a list of the Most Beautiful Restaurants in Every State, and for Montana, they chose a place that is the epitome of Montana dining. The restaurant they chose as the most beautiful in Montana is Whitefish Lake Restaurant.

Whitefish Lake Restaurant was chosen for great reasons. Not only do they have huge vaulted ceilings and the restaurant is completely made out of logs. Plus, they have a huge stone fireplace that is cozy during the winter.

I have personally been to Whitefish Lake Restaurant and not only is this place beautiful but the food is absolutely some of the best in Montana. They have several steaks to choose from and are a perfect date night spot if you are in Whitefish for a little trip.

If you don't want to try to travel to Whitefish, we have some beautiful restaurants here in the Gallatin Valley too. I would definitely recommend Blackbird on Main Street, it's just classic and I would recommend Tanglewood.

The thing is, what would your definition of the most beautiful restaurant in Montana be because I would say Follow Yer' Nose BBQ in Emigrant is beautiful. It has character and is perfectly Montana. Plus, you could also include Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan, The Mint in Belgrade, and even Stacey's Old Faithful Saloon in Gallatin Gateway. Those places are all beautiful in their own right.

For more details, check out Cheapism.

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