Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and we are fortunate to have so many great breakfast spots in the Bozeman area.

However, if you're looking for the best breakfast in Montana, you won't find it in Bozeman. The good news is, you don't have to go far. More often than not, when a national publication writes an article about Montana, it seems like the author doesn't know anything about Montana, but this time, we're pretty sure they got it right.

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The website just released a list of the best breakfast spots in every state, and we actually agree with their pick for Montana. Using data from Yelp, they were able to determine the best places to get breakfast in the country, and Faye's Cafe in Livingston was named the best in Montana.

Faye's Cafe is unlike any other breakfast spot in Montana. The first time I ate breakfast there, I was literally blown away by how good everything was. Whenever I have friends or family visit from out of town, a trip to Faye's Cafe in Livingston is always on the agenda.

Every single person I've taken to Faye's Cafe has had an unforgettable experience. It's located on the corner of E Street and Lewis, on the west end of the Shane Center. It's inside an old school building. The menu features the delicious culinary creations of Chef Sarah Faye.

If you've never been to Faye's Cafe in Livingston, I would highly recommend you give it a try. The food, service, and atmosphere are amazing. Stop by and you'll soon find out why Faye's was named the best breakfast spot in Montana.

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