Today, Billings Public Schools sent a release out to concerned parents, and community members, about an alarming incident near Billings West High School.

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According to BPS, a recent series of events involving a suspicious individual near the high school prompted BPD to take swift action, along with community members, to ensure the safety of residents and students.

First, a citizen reported to BPD an individual was looking into home and car windows. An officer was dispatched by BPD to patrol the area and investigate the report.

Second, another resident reported a suspicious person on a motorcycle approaching a vehicle filled with female students. That individual confronted the person on the motorcycle, who fled quickly and left the neighbors with a feeling of unease.

Third, another report was made about a motorcyclist approaching a group of females. The girls reported the individual made unsettling comments, worrying them. The students were able to capture the license plate number of the motorcycle, which they provided to BPD.

After this event, BPD notified West High School they should implement their "Shelter in Place" plan. This plan was in place for 15 minutes, before another communication from the officer came in ending the alert.

No further information was provided on the individual, and whether or not they were caught, or charged with anything. However, the new Superintendent of Billings Public Schools, Erwin Garcia, has decided to take a proactive approach in notifying the community at large of these events.

In the release, Erwin Garcia stated:

Billings Public Schools remains dedicated to maintaining the safety and security of the school community. Updates will be provided to the public as the investigation progresses. Residents are urged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcemen

What are your thoughts?

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