This according to one of our radio listeners:

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago, and last night I found out why.  I went to the store to get some stuff, and he walked in with his NEW girlfriend.

But that's not even what bothers me.  The thing is:  Why are they in MY neighborhood?

He lives FIVE MILES away from me.  I feel like he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he walked around with her.  If you're going to dump me for someone new, don't come around to my neighborhood to flaunt it.

Shouldn't he hang out somewhere else that's not two blocks away from my apartment?  Am I asking for too much here?

Danielle, 27

(What do you do in a situation when your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend go to places that you frequent often? Does this mean one or the other needs to stop frequenting that place?)