Is Instagram planning to use your photos to transform itself into "the world's largest stock photo agency?"

That's the fear after the popular photo-sharing website posted an updated terms of service, which states the user is agreeing that their pictures can be used by Instagram "in connection with paid or sponsored content."

The new terms of service goes into effect on January 16. However, it's unclear if the updated language is materially different from Instagram's earlier TOS, which reserved the right to use uploaded photos in any manner it likes.

Nevertheless, the new verbiage has sparked protests all over the internet. Twitter -- which recently broke up with Instagram, after the photo sharing site was purchased by Facebook -- has been ground zero for the #BoycottInstagram movement.

If you do planning on ditching your Instagram account, for fear your vintage shots will be part of a future in which all stock photos feature skinny jeans and plates of food, the best way to save your pictures is to simply email them to yourself before deactivating.

Among alternatives to Instagram that don't have such a grabby TOS is Flickr's new mobile app.

Are you concerned that Instagram is going to make you the new face of something you'd rather not be associated with? Or does the #BoycottInstagram movement sound like much ado about nothing?

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