I believe wholeheartedly that Montana is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to spend your vacation. In the past, the Montana Office of Tourism has done a great job at bringing tourists into Montana; the Montana-shaped bumper stickers that say "Get Lost" on them stand out in my mind. The newest ad campaign, titled "Go Find Out," seeks to bring tourists from locations that can access Montana easily. However, with the launch of this campaign this month, I worry that this new campaign may be too late. Why?

Flooding in Montana Took Out a Vital Month of Tourism

Flooding Temporarily Closes Yellowstone National Park
Credit: National Park Service

The historic flooding that took place in Southcentral Montana in June was devastating and left major roadways into Yellowstone National Park closed, including the Northeast entrance road, which isn't scheduled to re-open until October. By the time this road opens, it's likely going to be too cold to experience most of Yellowstone.

However, based on the photos of this ad campaign, it's likely going to continue through into next year. I just think the timing is a little bit off considering the time of year. If it weren't for the flooding, they could have launched this earlier and it may have had a profound effect on tourism this year. Unfortunately, we'll never find out what may have been.

Tourism Ad Campaign Dubbed "Go Find Out"

Credit: Montana Office of Tourism / Visit Montana
Credit: Montana Office of Tourism / Visit Montana

According to a press release from the Montana Office of Tourism, the ad campaign is designed to target areas with "direct flights or within easy driving distance" of Montana. These include cities in North and South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Our campaigns are tactically designed to inspire visitors to choose Montana for their vacation and take action to book their trips. We know that Montana speaks to travelers unlike anywhere else. With our Go Find Out messaging, we’re encouraging them to explore the state on a deeper level, with a strong call-to-action and inviting messaging.

- Haley Walter, Campaign Manager for Visit Montana

Credit: Montana Office of Tourism / Visit Montana
Credit: Montana Office of Tourism / Visit Montana
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I think these ads are amazing and well-made. However, will it affect tourism for the rest of this year, given the circumstances we saw in June? I don't think so, myself. What do you think?

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Widespread flooding wiped out roads, bridges, buildings, and powerlines throughout riverside communities from Yellowstone National Park and Paradise Valley to Red Lodge. The Yellowstone River winding through Billings crested Tuesday, June 14, 2022. At 11:30 a.m. the National Weather Service in Billings reported the river rose above flood stage and was forecasted to hit 14.7 feet, nearly hitting the 15-foot record set in 1997.

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