Advertisers have been using jingles in their marketing campaigns forever, and for a simple reason... they work. Think about it, the first things you learned as a toddler were nursery rhymes. Then you learned your ABCs with the sing-songy alphabet song.  You probably know the lyrics to thousands of songs.

Everybody had a jingle.

The jingle craze seems to ebb and flow, but in the not-so-distant past, radio salespeople convinced just about every business to purchase what are called jingle packages.

Woman sing over color background. Focused on arm.

We found a collection of Billings radio jingles from the past 20 years.

Most of these are from the late 90s and early 2000s. Some of them are still on the air and a couple of them on this list are new(ish). I can't fathom what it must be like to be a jingle singer. Imagine heading into the recording studio and looking at the projects for the day. "We need you to sing about tires, tractors, sewing machines, and car stereos. Make it exciting and make them exactly 30 or 60 seconds." The process has got to be mind-numbing.

80s boomboxes

Take a listen to these Billings jingle gems that are probably burned into your subconscious forever.

Acorn Technologies

Acorn is still in business and in the early 2000s, they hit the airwaves with this snappy jingle about computers and technology with the tagline "your seed for success!"

Advanced Employment

No doubt you've heard this one, either on the radio or on their TV commercial. You know how it ends... "get's the job done, right!"

Archie Cochran Ford

Car dealerships have loved using jingles for decades. This entry from Archie Cochran was actually pretty catchy. Almost made me want to buy a Ford.

Ardie's Coins

I don't know if they ever made a "full sing" version, but the longtime Billings coin and gold shop still uses this jingle tag on their advertising messages.

Cellular Warehouse

This locally produced jingle dominated the airwaves around Billings a couple of decades ago, because, yes... "breaking your cell phone sucks... it really sucks!"

Chassis Works

Lookin' brand new (Yeah! Yeah!) the Chassis Works jingle was super easy to get stuck in your head. It's been years since I heard it (until today) and I still know that they "take the dents out of accidents!"

Golden Nugget Body and Paint

Perhaps to combat the Chassis Works commercials, the folks at Golden Nugget Body and Paint had this bluesy-rock jingle produced.

Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers

Starting with its original location in downtown Billings to its gorgeous showroom in Shiloh Crossing, Goldsmith has consistently marketed their business with various radio and TV ad campaigns. I barely remember hearing this soft-sung jingle featuring female vocals.

Kidz Dudz

Spelling business names with inappropriate use of the letter Z is one of my pet peeves. Another is when children sing jingles.  Kidz Dudz managed to do both.


Perhaps one of the longest-running jingles on our list, the first time I heard this when I moved to Billings in the late 90s, I was like, "what the heck is Lynnriching your home?"

Mattress Land USA

Unfortunately, Mattress Land USA closed a couple of years ago, but when they were open they flooded the airwaves with their peppy jingle. "M-m-m-m-Mattress Land USA!!"

Moms 2-B and Precious Seconds

Some of the jingles in this story have aged relatively well. This one didn't.

One Source Lighting

I couldn't find the full version of this jingle, but the short snippet is instantly recognizable.

Mr. Thrifty

Everybody has heard this jingle. The ragtimey music and catchy lyrics are awesome. Many shoppers were sad when the bargain grocery store closed a few years ago.

Pro Auto Sound and Security

Car audio shops in Billings used to spend a fortune on radio advertising and I probably played this one a thousand times. A knock-off of Tim McGraw's hit "I Like It, I Love It", this one was pretty catchy.

Sewing Center West

The cheery jingle singer in the ad touted Sewing Center West as "your sewing supermarket." It's got a real vintage jingle vibe.

Shipton's Big R

If you live in Montana and listen to the radio there is a 100% chance you've heard their current jingle. It's loud, rockin', and fun. I actually kind of like it.

Sunhaven Tanning

I was so happy when I found this jingle in our archives. It's got a chill reggae, Rasta vibe and the tagline is burned in my memory forever... "we'll have you looking fine, for $19.99!"

Tanz and Thingz

Another not-cute use of the letter Z, this jingle was likely created around the same timeframe as Sunhaven. It was also played over, and over and over on the radio. "Pamper yourself, at Tanz and Things... the cleanest salon in Billings!"


The singers on the Tire-Rama jingle were really into it. And in case you didn't know, they'll "get you THERE!"

Tractor & Equipements Caterpillar Ad

This jingle was produced by the Caterpillar company and local dealers would fill in the blanks with their info. This one was quite catchy, with the whole "work, work" lyric.

Western Ranch Supply

"Serving the BIG country!" was the opening line to Western Ranch Supply's jingle and the vocalist continues with lyrics mentioning a handshake and good-old-fashioned western-style service.

Yellowstone County Implement

I'm not sure why every farmer/rancher-type store thought it was mandatory to have a jingle, but it seems like they did. This gem is... not great.

Yellowstone Polaris

Four-wheelers and snowmobiles are exiting. This jingle attempted to check the excitement box with a fairly cheesy rock sound.

I'm sure we missed a few. What are some local jingles that are forever ingrained in your head? Drop a comment!

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