I was watching TV this morning before I came into work and I saw an ad for rubber vehicle floor liners that the announcer dubbed "The Perfect Christmas Gift". Really? Sometimes I wonder how far marketers are willing to go in terms of selling crap by calling it the "Perfect Christmas Gift":

"Wouldn't you hate to die right before Christmas and leave your loved ones to foot the bill? Isn't winter in Montana hard enough? Why not buy your own burial plot? It makes the 'Perfect Christmas Gift'!"


"Here in Montana the roads can often get icy... introducing the all-new front end vehicle blow torch! It'll keep the road ahead of you ice free by melting everything in front of you before you drive over it. It makes the 'Perfect Christmas Gift'!"


"Winters in Montana can really dry out your skin... why not buy this Costco-sized vat of revitalizing lotion? It makes the 'Perfect Christmas Gift'!"

So you see, people hawking products really have no shame. Anything, it seems, makes the 'Perfect Christmas Gift'.

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