If You Advertise, They Will Come
You can have the most amazing treasures to sell.  You can arrange them in the most eye-catching way.  You can spring for coffee, donuts, and foot massages.  If people don’t know you’re having a garage sale, it won’t matter.  That’s why you’ve got to get the word out...
The “Perfect Christmas Gift”
I was watching TV this morning before I came into work and I saw an ad for rubber vehicle floor liners that the announcer dubbed "The Perfect Christmas Gift". Really? Sometimes I wonder how far marketers are willing to go in terms of selling crap by calling it the "Perfect Christmas Gift": "Wouldn't you hate to die right before Christmas and leave your loved ones to foot
Burger King Kills Its King
Burger democratists, rejoice: As of this weekend, the creepy Burger King mascot, “the King,”  is officially dead. Concurrent with the release of the guacamole topped California Whopper, Burger King’s new advertising agency of record McGarryBowen has dethroned the edgy monarch in favor of an approach based on health and freshness.