Super Bowl XLVI is approaching fast, with the New England Patriots taking on the New York Giants.  Regardless of who you're rooting for, it's always a blast to hit the town the night of the big game.  It only comes around once a year, so if you're planning on heading out to watch the Super Bowl, you'll want to find the best place to catch the game.  We suggest starting with our top four.

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    Cadillac Jax

    1744 Grand Avenue

    Our favorite place to catch the UFC fights is also one of our favorites to watch the Super Bowl. With cold beer, good food and plenty of TVs, Cadillac Jax has all of the essentials for Super Bowl viewing. Plus, it sure doesn't hurt that they're giving away a flat screen TV during every quarter during the game. Win one of those TVs and you can host the Super Bowl party next year!

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    Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers

    Wait, what? Why would you go to a jewelery store to watch the game? Turns out you can catch the game out their on their HUGE screen and score some big discounts on some jewelery while you're at it. Goldsmith Gallery Jeweler's 10th Annual "Souper" Bowl event provides big discounts to Super Bowl viewers who bring in a canned good for the food bank. You can watch the game, help the less fortunate and get that ring you've been meaning to get your girlfriend in the same evening.

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    109 North Broadway

    Hooligans was on hiatus for awhile after a fire above the bar led to a lot of water damage inside the building. However, Hooligan's is back and ready to go for the Super Bowl! You can get some of the best bar food in town right here, and wash it all down with pitchers of your favorite Montana Brewing Company microbrews. After your team wins, you''ll already be in the heart of Downtown Billings, ready to celebrate your victory. Just make sure you think up an excuse to miss work on Monday.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    411 South 24th Street West

    Wings, wings wings. What is the Super Bowl without wings? Needless to say, the Super Bowl festivities will be in full swing at Buffalo Wild Wings. You can't miss a single play with the amount of TVs they've got in there. They're used to handling the big crowds for sporting events, so you can bet your food will get to you really fast. This place is definitely a good standby for big games.

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