I'm not big on St. Patrick's day celebrations, never have been but for some, it's a huge holiday. Marketing has made it that way. St. Patrick himself wasn't even from Ireland but that's for a different day.

The place to be years ago was Pug Mahons downtown. They always took it to a different level. Pug's was one of those few places in Billings that had a "Famous For" item: The huge pork chop sandwich. A staple.

Pug Mahons in Billings MT famous pork sandwich challenge
Credit: Pug Mahons Facebook

Now that I think about it there aren't too many places in town that have a "Famous For" menu item. Remember, to be in the "Famous For" category it has to be an item that is unique and only available there.

Not many places can fit the bill. Maybe Fuddruckers could claim their milkshake but everyone has milkshakes.

Others that I can think of is Tiny's is famous for the Scooney.

I guess you could count the kettle chips and barbecue sauce at CJ's Famous.

The Windmill might be able to stake a claim on their butterfly shrimp.

No one really has a market on chicken or pizza because its all good and it doesn't qualify.

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Once again, remember: To be "Famous For", it has to be a one of a kind, something that no one else has been able to duplicate, and it has to be good. Even the old Navasio's was a copycat of White Castle's and frankly didn't even come close.

Maybe Costco fits the bill with their famous polish dogs, maybe not.

But all in all, the pork chop sandwich was one of a kind.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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