Even people who say they don't believe in luck have probably said at least one of the following phrases, perhaps even today:

  • "It must be my lucky day!"
  • "I'm feeling lucky."
  • "Wish me luck."
  • "Good luck!"
  • "Maybe I'll get lucky?"
  • "Hopefully my luck is about to change."
  • "I'll try my luck."

I could go on, but you get the idea. Much can be said for hard work, faith, good friends, education, etc. but sometimes it really does seem like luck was involved when certain things happen.

Like being at the right place at the right time, or random introductions that turn into some sort of connection that impacts your life. Was it destiny? A higher power? Or was it just luck? With St. Patrick's Day on our minds, here are five things you'll find in Montana that many consider good luck.

Getty Stock/ThinkStock
Getty Stock/ThinkStock

The lucky horseshoe

Horseshoes are part of the West and you'll plenty of them on actual horses and tacked on to the sides of barns, sheds, fence railings and bars all over Big Sky Country. The horseshoes must be turned up, otherwise all of your luck will run out, straight to the devil himself according to the legend (covered nicely by Wideopencountry.com).

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The lucky fishing hole

Any fisherman in Montana who says he doesn't believe in luck is lying. You can spend a fortune on gear and a boat and still get skunked. Some days you'll catch your limit and other days you'll try every fly or lure in your arsenal with no luck.

Adult Bald Eagle with two chicks in a nest in a tree on the side of a cliff.
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The lucky bald eagle

Bald eagles have powerful symbolism in many cultures, according to Worldbirds.org. While most of the legends pertain more to wisdom and strength, some consider spotting a bald eagle lucky. Sacred to Native Americans, bald eagles are fairly easy to spot around much of Montana, especially around rivers and stream beds. For more on the endangered bird, check out the MT.gov field guide.

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Lucky Mining Claims

With a state motto of "Oro Y Plata" (Gold and Silver), it's well known that thousands of settlers came to Montana in search of fortunes in the mines; first for gold, and then other valuable minerals. No doubt these miners were hoping for good luck, with several mines labeled to reflect those dreams like The Lucky 7, The Lucky Strike, The Lucky Dollar, and others.

Close up of lottery ticket with a marked numbers and a pencil

Lucky for Life Lottery Game

In this Montana Lottery game, players have a chance to "get lucky for life" with a payout of $1,000 a day till you die. Why do I always forget to buy a ticket for this game??

Photo: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings
Photo: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Perhaps the luckiest thing of all is that we're lucky to call Montana home. Got a lucky story? Drop us a message on the Mobile App or leave a comment.

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