I'm gonna have to see if our buddy Trent Flager can do a follow up for us. Since I will be broadcasting live from Butte on Thursday, I got to wondering- will there be any Jameson whiskey in Butte, Montana for St. Patrick's Day?

Yeah- do you remember this crazy story from earlier in the year? The Missoulian's David Erickson did a story about how Western Montana bars were completely out of Jameson whiskey- even in Butte.

So Trent did a follow up and found out that even bars in the more Eastern part of the state were out of Jameson.

I had to joke around with rodeo entertainment great Flint Rasmussen...well as long as they still have Pendleton, right Flint?

This also got me wondering if Butte Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill was going to be back home for the big day. And how would he feel if there were no Jameson?

I can't tell you what Rob's thinking. But his big brother Tommy is on the radio in Butte. So Tommy, is Butte still out of Jameson on St. Patrick's Day? He laughed:

I bet it is, but I’m sure there are many bottles in private bars that will make their way to the street.  Besides, Butte natives don’t really drink much Jameson.  But if there is a shortage on Bud Light or Copenhagen, we’re in trouble…

You know the saying: whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting. Look forward to seeing everybody in Butte this Thursday.


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