Heads Up Billings! One of the more popular events for our city has returned and is offering YOU a chance to spay & neuter your animals FREE of charge.

A Great Community Offering

This event is put on every so often to help control the pet population around Billings and prevent these cuddly animals from ending up on the streets or in a shelter. Thanks to Circle 2 Rescue, Yellowstone County Commissioners & The Sheriff's Department, and Spay Montana for fronting the costs of this clinic for those who cannot afford it.

When and where?

This time around, the Free Spay and Neuter Clinic is being offered to Low-Income families in Yellowstone County on April 22nd and 23rd, this Saturday and Sunday, at 8 AM inside the Metra Park Expo Center.

You can call ahead to schedule an appointment at 406-598-9781.

Also, they are offering the following services for a small cost:

  • Rabies and Distemper Vaccination- $15
  • Rabies Vaccination- $10
  • Microchip - $20

Who is Circle 2 Rescue?

Circle 2 Rescue is a Nonprofit 501c3 animal rescue, dedicated to helping those animals in our community. They focus on rescuing homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in partnership with community volunteers, foster homes, and local veterinarians. Their efforts are spread across Colorado, Montana, California, Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico.

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If you want to help our Circle 2 Rescue, they would greatly appreciate the help! It takes $6,000 a DAY to run these clinics.

Donations are accepted via Venmo "@Circle-Rescue-1" or via Paypal. Though, if you prefer to mail a donation, you can do so to:

  • Circle 2 Rescue
  • P.O. Box 331, Billings, Montana 59103

Are your pets spayed or neutered? Are you also remembering the wise words of Bob Barker? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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