This is a picture of my youngest daughter 7 years ago after graduating from Preschool.  This year she turns 13 and will enter the 7th grade.  It's back to school time.  Oh, I know, it's about a month away, but it got me thinking to back when I was a kid.  Summer for a school kid is about June through August.  In fact, when I went to school, we didn't start until after Labor Day.  What was the point of going to school for a few days and then taking off a 3 day weekend.  But the time goes by quick when you are a kid during the summer.  Swimming lessons, camps, family vacations and so much more.  As I got older, I look forward to going back to school!  It meant one year closer to graduation, one less week of "working" for Mom.  The "back to school" shopping has become interesting as well.  You now get an email from the school to tell you what supplies to buy.  Not just the supplies but the brand names as well.  Crayon, Kleenex, Prurell hand sanitizer.  When I went to school it was Big Chief paper, a #2 pencil and a winter coat that would last for 3 years.  HA!  Good luck shopping for the right brand of products.  My youngest daughter is only going to be in 7th grade, but my other 3 older College/College Grad kids prove that you can make it on any brand of supply, as long as you have a great, passionate teacher!

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