As prices for high-quality, long-range drones continue to drop into the "affordable" category, more and more Montanans are purchasing them for work or fun. Drones are obviously a great tool for photography, but Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is concerned about their potential use for fishing purposes, saying in a statement on 11/13 that they have,

 Increasingly been asked the question of whether it is permissible to use a remote-controlled boat, drone, or other remote-controlled device to fish. Currently, Montana law does not specifically address remote-controlled devices or drones.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission will hold a virtual public hearing to receive input on the issue on December 1 at 10 am. Details to participate in the meeting and alternate ways to offer input on the proposal to ban the use of drones for fishing can be found HERE.

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I can't imagine many outdoorsmen would be in favor of allowing the use of drones to help catch fish. Some may argue they're used to see fish in the water from a better vantage point, or that drones could be used to fish and/or cast bait further than possible with a rod and reel.

A day on the river is one of the few places we have to escape from the noise and distractions of our normal lives and it's the last place I want to be bothered by a drone buzzing around. Surely, fishermen/women and outdoors people will voice their opposition for allowing drones to interrupt one of Montana's favorite past-times.

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