Gifts are great, but the hot new trend for gift giving is giving "experiences." Things you can Insta. Stuff that will make memories. And guys, let me let you in on a little secret... While your spouse appreciates the chocolates and the flowers and the silly teddy bear holding a heart, what she really wants from you is your TIME.

I get it. We're all busy with work, kids, your favorite Netflix binge and scrolling social media eating up all of your time. So, why don't you show her you really care and spend some quality time doing something fun together? I found some great ideas for you and your sweetheart to do around Billings for Valentine's Day.

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Ox Indoor Ax Throwing. I have yet to try this, but every one of my friends who has raves about it and says it's an absolute blast. Located on 6th Ave North, they are open 4 - 9 PM Tuesday through Thursday, 4 - 10 PM on Friday and 1 - 10 PM on Saturday.

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Escape Rooms. I wrote about Billings' two indoor escape rooms a while back, and actually tried The Grand Escape Room. I went with my teenage kid for his birthday party, but I could totally see this experience being a fun date night activity. The other escape room in Billings is Billings Escape Room. Both places offer different themed escapes with varying levels of difficulty.

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Bitterroot Sip & Paint. It doesn't matter if you are an artist or not. Maybe you can't even draw a stick figure. That's okay.  Because it's about spending time together, remember? And even if you're a crappy artist, it's still fun to drink some wine and work on a masterpiece with your partner. Who knows? Maybe you'll really enjoy it and discover a new lifelong passion.

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Back 9 Lounge. If golf is more your speed, you've got to check out Billings hottest new indoor golf simulator and lounge, located out by the new Den on Grand Avenue. They've got five golf suites, a VIP room, a full bar and a food menu. If you're concerned that she doesn't really love golf and that you picked an activity only you will enjoy, do the Sip and Paint package AND do the Back 9 and you'll get two fun dates out of it.

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Bullwackers. Playing pool is a lot of fun. You don't have to be very good at it to enjoy yourself. It doesn't cost much to play and it's easy to talk, relax and have a good time while playing the game. Plus, she might ask you to "help" with her tough shot when she's bending over the table. There is plenty of fun innuendo in the game of pool too, with the sticks and the balls and the racking and what-not.

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Karaoke. If you enjoy singing, there are lots of options around Billings to belt out your favorite song or, even better, a duet. Popular options include The Red Door, with karaoke every night except Sunday and the Crystal Lounge, which hosts karaoke every night of the week. The Red Door has pretty good food, while the Crystal is arguably a crazier experience.

Naturally, most of these places will be pretty busy on Feb 14th and 15th. If you can't reserve a time or make it work for Valentine's Day, gift cards are available from most of these places. Have fun, you crazy love birds.

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