Don't expect any radical reinventions on Slash's next album.

He's still on the road in support of last year's World on Fire LP, but as he told before a tour stop in Mobile, Ala., he's starting to arrange the musical canvas for his next effort. While it's still too early to talk specifics, Slash promised fans that whatever happens next, it'll pack the same hard-rock punch as everything else he's done.

"We're working on new material now, for another record, and so I think that what it is that I'm into is just trying to do what's the most inspiring thing, and picking up some new stuff along the way," he explained. "There's always that element of new discovery that ends up on the next record. But the one thing they can always expect, it's going to be really sort of from the heart, hard-rock material, whatever it is that I end up putting out. I'm always true to the school."

As he explained in another recent interview, Slash differs from many artists in that he actually finds it easier to write new material on the road. "It’s easier here than it is for me to do when I’m at home," he pointed out. "I take my phone and record ideas, and then we jam stuff when we have soundchecks. Compile a bunch of ideas, and when we go home, sort of hash them out."

Meanwhile, as Slash's World on Fire dates roll on, fans can look forward to the arrival of Live at the Roxy 25.9.14, which captures the tour's September 2014 stop at the famed Los Angeles club; set for arrival on June 15, it's scheduled to be released as a DVD and Blu-ray as well as a two-CD and three-LP collection.

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