Jeff Howell/TSM

There is something about a small town parade.  I was in Deer Lodge Saturday.  Our band was playing at "Territorial Days" that evening.  The parade during the day was your typical small town parade.  Veterans, Fire trucks, Tractors, kids on bikes.  I think the best part is watching the crowd as well as the parade entries.  Dad has a kid sitting on his shoulders.  Mom's with their young kids in a stroller.  Other kids are running around trying catch candy being thrown.  Neighbors standing with neighbors.  The street dance started at 7pm with the Billings band Tanglewood.  It's always fun to watch the kids dancing to the music.  They have no problem getting out on the street and feeling free.  It's the parents that take a little longer to warm up.  First it's mom with one of the kids, then dad finally gets the courage to dance with mom.  No matter where you call home, small town parades are basically the same and they always are fun to go to.

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