Where do you fall on this one?  The FAA has delayed flights at New York's LaGuardia Airport, citing staffing shortages due to the government partial shutdown.  Apparently, you can call in sick to work, and yet it is illegal for the union members to strike--a legacy of the 1981 standoff between workers and President Ronald Reagan, who fired 11,345 striking air traffic controllers. Today's action by the FAA is significant because it is the first time since the shutdown began that there have been problems with staffing at air traffic control centers.  So, where do you fall on this?  It's not a disrespect to federal employees.  It's more of, look at the rest of the population.  Many of us have been laid off, fired, or worked for few benefits. The dad in me wants to grab federal workers and show them how to budget for emergency situations. I, too, was out of a job for a month, (not furlough) and yet I was able to make things work.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wishes this on anyone. Yet now, it's soup kitchens and flea markets.  Get a grip.  I've seen the sign at Taco Bell for three months advertising needing night and weekend help.

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