Wednesday, Amazon said it will launch a service called Amazon Key next month that will let people allow the door to be unlocked when they're not there.  Amazon has a strategy of trying to make shop lifting boxes off of your porch a thing of the past.  This new program would allow the Amazon delivery person access to the inside of your home.  Does anyone see a problem with this plan?  Amazon said the drivers would be well-vetted.  Well that makes me feel better about letting a complete stranger into my home.  My well-vetted relative stole a gun and electronic gear from my home a couple of years ago.  I'm sure Bob the Amazon guy wouldn't do that!  We've known each other since...NEVER.  Another big chain is going to offer bringing the groceries to your home and putting them in the refrigerator for you.  Two problems there...again, stranger in the house and they've never tried to put away groceries without my wife's supervision.  Thanks but no thanks, I'll shop on my own and if necessary surround my home with security camera's and warnings, oh wait, I already both.

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