On Facebook about a week ago, a listener asked about what was being built on S Frontage Road, across from the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

Credit: TSM Facebook
Credit: TSM Facebook

Calling Victoria Hill...

I, too, got curious about these new big buildings, so I once again reached out to the ever-knowledgeable and always ready-to-help Victoria Hill, Public Information Officer for the City of Billings, and asked a simple question with that screenshot attached...

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Know anything about this?

Well, yesterday, Victoria got back to me with details about this new building project... and what we can expect.

Is it Amazon? Well...

According to Victoria Hill, nothing in their records points this new building project out to be Amazon.

The facility the listener inquired about is located at 3218 S. Frontage Road, and the City Planning Department calls it the "South Frontage Distribution Center".

The South Frontage Distribution Center consists of two distribution buildings sitting on over 22 acres of land.

The owner is "TPA Group LLC", based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and they are a development and investment company.

Victoria, being the supersleuth she is, found out the buildings and property are for lease online right now.

Finally, Victoria said the city won't know who is moving in there until they apply for a permit to update the spaces... or a business license, which is "usually the last thing they do".

There You Have It

Two big empty buildings, certainly Amazon-ready... but not owned by Amazon. Or, at least, not yet. Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think we need an Amazon distribution center in Billings? Would you work for Amazon? Let us know in App Chat or on Facebook!

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