Back in the 1990's Billings had a street crime task force, but because of staffing shortages, the unit was dissolved.  Starting this coming January the Billings Police Department will start up the task force again with a five member street crimes unit dedicated to  looking into burglaries, vandalism, vehicle break ins and thefts.  Property crimes have increased in Billings from 5,401 in 2014 to 6,093 in 2016.  Vehicle theft alone has increased from 616 in 2014 to 820 in 2016.  I have some thoughts on this rash of crimes.

1: Do these thieves not know that more and more people have wireless security cams.

2: Do these thieves, who tried to break into my vehicle wonder why we have wireless devises and home alarms?

3: Have these low lives figured out they could actually get a good paying job during daylight hours.  ( I know old person speak here,  They have video games to play during the day and meth doesn't kick in until 9pm)

4: And finally, the BPD is SERIOUS and so are neighbors and facebook and twitter websites looking for you.

One other old man thought...Little ( and I do mean little in many ways) Jimmy is out prowling around my neighborhood with his hoodie on at 2am.  Where is Mama June checking on him.  Mama and Jimmy, I'm watching and now the BPD is too.  Any vehicle that should not be in my neighborhood is not only being watch by my camera's and neighbors but now the BPD is stepping it up.  Life is good working for a living.  Hanging out for 2 or 3 years in a Federal prison does not give you street cred, it leads to another trip down the same road.  Thank you neighbors and BPD and new technology.

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