Classic Holiday Drinks
This time of year, when it gets wintery and everyone insists on spreading holiday cheer, I sometimes like to mix things up with a holiday cocktail or two. Here are some of my favorites.
5 St. Patty's Day Cocktails
Ready for St. Patty's Day?  If your planning on staying home and having a few friends over this video will help you make some festive cocktails for the big day.  Don't have to be a pro, these drinks are simple and most of them only have three ingredients in them...
NFL Cocktails, 32 Team Drinks
So your team didn't make the playoffs...they won't be part of the Big Game this year.  But what about a  drink inspired by your favorite NFL team.
Stiletto Sports has 32 NFL team inspired drinks.  Doesn't matter if you love the Cowboys or Green Bay...
Most Popular Cocktail By State
First off let me start by saying this survey is complete bullsh*t. Some nerds took some time away from their fetish sites to troll google search results and claim they know what the most popular cocktail in each state is. Read on and see why I think it's B...