I Think it's Still Winter
Well, I guess it is still winter here in Montana. They keep saying four to eight inches of snow. I had eight inches at my place last night. The weather man says snow until tomorrow. I think eight inches is plenty wrong. As my Dad would say, it is what it is...
Billings' School Buses Resume Regular Routes Friday
Billings Public Schools have lifted the alternate bus route schedule and will return to normal routes starting Friday, January 24. BPS had alternate routes in effect since the first round of heavy snow hit Yellowstone County on Monday and extended the routes when a second winter storm dropped anoth…
Is it My Neighbors?
So, what are these? Strange fish on Lake Elmo? Scat from Jack-a-lope? Nope, these are the dreaded helicopter leaves from trees in your neighborhood.
This STUPID, UGLY, DUMB SNOWMAN THING which came with my wife, sadly graces our front porch every winter.  I of course took this piece of #$%& off the porch in February.  After coming to work today on April 5th and seeing the weather, I might have to bring out this soon to be firep…

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