16 Inches Of Snow In Yellowstone County Since Monday
The National Weather Service released preliminary snowfall reports showing 6.0 inches fell in parts of Yellowstone County on Wednesday. On Monday, NWS reported 10 inches of snow fell in the northwestern part of the county. Carbon County had the high mark for Wednesday's snow storm with 7.5 inc…
It's Ok to Slow Down
Well, I guess it is still winter here in Montana. When the weatherman says maybe two inches of snow you should always be prepared for 10 inches or so. As my Dad would say, "It is what it is!" I will be pulling my friends car out of a drift when I get off today...
warm weather
I was going to write about the sunrise, and then I thought about how we are in the Christmas season.  I took a picture last year with the fireplace going.  This year, the fire is not necessary.  It is going to be 50 degrees. I'm going to begin looking at changing from firewood to…
It's Ok To Slow Down
Falling temps throughout the day. Rain changing to snow soooo it's ok to slow down and arrive alive! Don't be in such a hurry you don't arrive at all!

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