A couple of days ago for Halloween we had a trick or treater at our door.  Sounds strange, but I live on a busy street in Billings so we normally don't get any.  When the door bell rang, I popped up and gave the lone scary person a few of my candy bars.  As he left, I notice he was not walking around the neighborhood. It was more of a stop, drop and roll out of his parents car, stopped on the side of the busy street!  Over the last couple of days several police departments were warning parents to check their children's halloween candy for possible weapons or drugs after receiving reports that some sweets had been tampered with.  Listen, we know 99% of the people are good people but there are the crazies out there too.  I do think raising my kids in the smaller town of Columbus gave me a sense of trust that you don't get in a bigger town.  Mainly because you know who's house you were going to.  But, again, no matter what size town or city you are in, it still takes just one.  I hope you had a safe Halloween.