I was going to write about the sunrise, and then I thought about how we are in the Christmas season.  I took a picture last year with the fireplace going.  This year, the fire is not necessary.  It is going to be 50 degrees. I'm going to begin looking at changing from firewood to swimsuits.  My wife and I can walk around our neighborhood in the morning at 3 am, with our dog and strobe lights on.  Tight shorts, dogs, bright vests!  No need to worry about cars, deer, or care about life.  People don't go to work this early in the morning!  We are the survivors.  GoPro Helmets, warriors, the strong.   WE ARE ON A MISSION.  So we can buy a exercise bicycle later this month.  My wife will push me, I'll push her and I will flip off the people at 3am going to an actually job riding in my yellow flashing vest.

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